Installation 2014
water, light, lens, string, four participants

We’re All Strangers Here – curated by Sara Barnes/Carly J Bales
EMP Collective
Baltimore, MD

 In this installation the participant is invited into a room that contains a suspended water filled pendulum and invited to gently manipulate and/or ask questions of the pendulum via 4 attached hanging strings…… This is the way Michael Farley described the installation in Baltimore’s City Paper:

“Drogoul’s interactive ‘(Pendulum)’ is housed in a small, curtained-off room. Inside, there is a transparent dish of blue liquid suspended beneath a spotlight, projecting a wobbly cerulean glow onto the floor. Four people can sit in the corners of the room, ask a question, and manipulate the apparatus by pulling on hanging strings, directing the light, swirling with patterns, toward “answers” on the floor.  It’s reminiscent of those Magic 8 Ball oracles, but much more fun—and poignant. Even if a group can master the task of working in tandem to shift the light, the answer is always the same: “Maybe.”

You can read more about the entire exhibit here:,0,3164937.story