Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting
Installation/interactive performance 2005 – ongoing performance
Amplified knitting needles, mixer, speakers yarn, suitcase, multiple performers

Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting is an interactive installation/instrument that reveals the sound and synchronicity connected to needleworking. The project invites the viewer to participate as part of a musical knitting circle. The participants knit in unison creating a singular sound environment. The knitter’s needles are equipped with tiny microphones, which amplify the percussive nature of the knitting process, capturing the rhythmic counter point of the knitters hand movements. The installation becomes a manifestation of the participants’ collective process and a symphonic (noisy) expression of the craft. The sound changes based on the knitters stitch, the needles, the yarn and the chosen pattern.

Musical knitting at Art in the Open, Philadelphia PA

Musical Knitting in a yurt at Fields Festival 2014
Darlington MD

some video by Radar Redux:

Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting at Atomic Pop in Baltimore