Fugue Chamber for Amnesiacs
15’diax10’ht with inner space 6’dia.x10ht
 School33 Art Center, Baltimore, MD
1995 Options, “Superbia” Washington Project for the Arts Biennial  Exhibition, Washington DC(pictured)
Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE1996

Fugue Chamber for Amnesiacsis a maze-like installation that features an interior space to meet and provide social help for the needy visitor. The installation is open to the public as a self-help space when the therapists are not available.  







Using modified questionnaires and forms from the federal government and recordings from multiple self-help tapes(non-subliminal and subliminal alike). Fugue Chamber for Amnesiacs invites the viewer to get help in a specially designed situation. Thereapists are available on request through a sign-up sheet.