Teetering X Tottering (On The Brink)

Teetering X Tottering (on the brink)

Sculpture 2015
Wood, water, repurposed bottles, micro-controllers, sensors, speakers, LED’s

Nature in the Dark Exhibition
YNot Lot
Baltimore, MD

Teetering X Tottering (On the Brink)—is a kinetic sculpture that invites the viewer to balance up or down creating an experiential awareness of water as a shared resource.The participants balancing movement on the structure triggers an audio response that fluctuates between the sound of the water in the sculpture and the field recordings of fish common to the Mid-Atlantic region. Through movement and sound the sculpture connects the participant to the natural world.

Teetering X Tottering (On The Brink)Teetering xTottering (On The Brink)

11236472_1058355824182774_3588959179384288168_o tettering and tottering (on the brink)
InLight 2015
1708 Gallery at the
Virginia Museum of Art
Richmond, Virginia
Staten Island
2016 Lumen Festival
Staten Island, NY